Posted by matt on 18th February 2010

The Bad Lieutenants go online

Finally, it’s here!!!! After much work The Bad Lieutenant web-page is now live! Welcome to everyone, we hope you all enjoy the site, photos and videos.

So what have we been up to? We’ve just finished our 3rd Tunnel camp together, having been joined by Julien Guiho from the French team, Team4Speed, for a little guidance and input. Thanks mate, that was great getting all your team’s secrets!!!! ☺ Training is going great so far. In the world of point churning, it gets faster and faster for us which is great news as we progress towards to the 2010 World Meet in Russia.
We’re also really happy to announce that we’ve received so many great sponsors over the winter period. Skydive Spain / Hibaldstow, Infinity Rigs (Velocity Sports), Performance Designs, Airkix wind-tunnel, L&B, Ouragan Suits, Talent Stream and Sprint Shift have all offered us support towards our training in 2010. More of that in our sponsors section, but thanks guys, you’ve made a big impact towards our training, it’s much appreciated!!!

After last year’s line up, the random draw for camera was once again made, this time being decided at Xmas. It was early present time for 4 of the team and an early bath for one of the BLT’s. So, for the 2010 season it will be…….. Matthew O’Riordan donning the helmet cam and stretching some neck muscles for the team. He’s got a lot of experience in this department so the team should be ok!

What have we got planned for this year? Check our calendar and events section to see what events we’re attending and when we’re training.

We have the second monthly “Huck Jam” event happening next weekend at the Manchester Airkix windtunnel. A social event where tunnel time is split amongst participants and a progressive yet fun atmosphere is achieved. This event is heavily subscribed, but check our Facebook page or events section for the next event dates, get in touch and get involved!

We also have a few more tunnel camps at the Manchester Airkix windtunnel before hitting the Arizona skies in April when the team will be heading over to Eloy for some training with Arizona Arsenal, the current double World Cup champions.

In June and July the team heads to Skydive Seville for guaranteed warm weather training alongside fellow British teams Satori, Volare and Sonic Nutz. There will definitely be fun in the sun in Seville!

2010 also sees the BLT’s hooking up with Mark Owen’s Funshine Boogie concept in both the UK and Spanish editions. As the event continues to walk the fine line between boogie and coaching, the BLT’s can’t wait to get involved in some Funshine Pie once again.

It’s also all happening once again at Skydive Hibaldstow in 2010. Freefly Scrambles, Head Down skills camps, coaching, organising, 8 way speed star and a freefly end of season blow up are all planned at the drop-zone. Check their web-page or ours for full details!

All that remains to be said is 2010 should be another great year, so get your sh*t together and get involved, there’s plenty going on inside and outside. Hope you all enjoy the site, check in now and again to see our regular updates and what’s going on! Facebook, twitter & web-page….. we’ve gone main stream!!!

Charge hard mofos!

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