Martin Reynolds

Lieutenant Pie

aka Nolds aka Dangerpants

Jumps: 4,000
Base: 100
Started jumping: 1999
Occupation: Co. Director / Optometrist
Hobbies: Skydive, Ski, Base, Photography
Home DZ: Langar
Canopy: Velo 96, Comp Velo 96


Gold VFS 4-way UK National Championship
Bronze VFS 4-way World Championships, Russia
UK Head down record holder – 22-way organiser & participant

20th Place World Coup of Canopy Piloting South Africa, Winner of unofficial freestyle comp, Broke UK record for speed in Canopy Piloting
Bronze V.F.S World Cup Czech Republic
Silver V.F.S UK Nationals
World Record 108 Head Down Chicago
Euro Record 51 Head Down Empuria
UK Head Down Record

Bronze UK Canopy Piloting Nationals
Represented UK at World Championships Canopy Piloting

6th Place World Cup Freefly Russia
Silver UK Nationals Freefly
Gold UK Nationals Speed Skydiving
Euro Record 40 Head Down Empuria
UK Head Down Record

Silver UK Nationals Freefly
11th Place “King of Swoop” Empuria

Bronze UK Nationals Freefly

Bronze UK Nationals Freefly
Gold Skysurf B UK Nationals

Base jumped Angel Falls Venezuela

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