The Bad Lieutenants are supported by the following great sponsors:

Skydive Hibaldstow

Skydive Spain is our Dropzone of Choice for training camps in 2010. With fast Dorniers, 15k of altitude and an efficient manifest we couldn’t really go wrong. Located in southern Spain, just outside Seville this Dropzone is an ideal location for us to train.

The 4 super fast Dorniers are also going to be great for the freefly weekend events at Hibaldstow this year. Freefly scrambles, 8 speed star versus the flatties, head down skills camps and Funshine Boogie events are all scheduled at the dropzones throughout 2010.

We can’t wait to share some jumps with you at Hibaldstow this year!

Infinity by Velocity Sports

Comfortable, aerodynamic, super safe and of course super cool, we’re really excited to announce our relationship with Velocity Sports for their Infinity rigs! A huge following on the west coast of the USA, this family run business have been making great rigs for a very long time. We’re really excited to be using these great rigs!!! Stop by, try ours on and have a look if you see us on the DZ.

Performance Designs

PD, what more needs to be said? A great company with outstanding products and customer service will be providing us with Velocities and Optimium reserves. As long serving PD customers, we’re really excited about flying the PD colours this year at all the events and competitions that we attend. Knowing how much research and development goes in to a PD canopy, we’re really happy to have a PD canopy above our heads, no matter what the situation!

Cypres by Airtec

According to the Bad Lieutenants, there is only one AAD manufacturer, Cypres. When it comes to arguably the most critical bit of your kit, don’t mess about, go with the best, that’s what we have done. Airtec have been great supporters of the BLTs and we’re proud to have them as a sponsor.


New for 2010, the Manchester Airkix windtunnel is a 14 foot recirculating wind tunnel. Rounded glass, 1600hp and a well stocked bar next to the tunnel, opened on the 22nd December 2009. The 14’ round flight chamber and huge amounts of power make this ideal for us to train VFS in. The facilities also make it a great place to come together and fly during our monthly Huck Jam events. Want to fly with others in a social and progressive enviorment? Then get involved at the Manchester Airkix windtunnel.


The British Parachute Association have provided an amazing amount of support to the Bad Lieutenants in 2010. We’d really like to say a special thanks to Weed Stoodley who’s been looking out for us for years now, and clearly wants to join the Bad Lieutenants. Weed, the moment we have an injury, you’re our standby girl.

Larsen and Brusgaard

The original inventors of the audiable altimeter are known throughout the community for fantastic customer services. Essential for freefly, we’re really happy to jumping L&B audiables and wearing the Viso altimeter for our landings. With all the great audible and altimeter equipment the only problem in the team will be looking for excuses for why one team mate swooped better than another one!!!

Fantastic cuts, highest quality fabrics, excellent workmanship and the availability of unlimited custom designs. Vertical have been making great suits for a long time which result in a freefly and or tunnel suit with the highest quality stitching that is both durable and comfortable.

We thank Talent Stream for the continued support they provide us.

We thank Sprint Shift for the continued support they provide us.

Sprintshift Ltd specialises in dedicated and awkward freight deliveries. Our fleet of 7.5 & 18 tonne trucks come with tail lifts and double manned teams.

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