Posted by matt on 30th August 2009

The Bad Lieutenants win Bronze at the World Cup

Teams from the USA, France, UK and Russia competed in the 4-way Vertical Formation Skydiving competition. This event was only the second World Cup of VFS and hopefully will pave the way for the discipline to become part of the World Championships in 2010. With an enlarged dive pool of 14 blocks and 12 randoms the competition was held over 8 rounds.

Arizona Arsenal of the USA led the way throughout the competition, posting the highest score of the event, 28 points, in round 1 and taking an immediate 4 point lead over Team4Speed of France. After a small hiccup in a tricky and low scoring round 2, in which the French pulled back 1 point, Arsenal continued to steadily increase their lead right through until the end of the competition. Team4Speed continued to put up a strong fight, equalling the Americans scores in both round 6 and round 8, but were unable to contend with the experience of the Arizona team who take home the title of VFS World Cup Champions for the second time with an average of 20.4 points.

The UK team Outbreak of Bad Lieutenants, although not in a position to compete for Gold or Silver, put in a solid performance to take the Bronze medal. The slower rounds seemed to allow the Lieutenants to stay a little closer to the top teams, coming within 3 points of the French in round 3. Unfortunately the fast rounds where another matter and in round 6 both the USA and France posted a score of 27 compared with a 16 for the Brits, which was their highest score of the event. The Russian team Energe, obviously new to the event and showing great spirit, took fourth place.

Having achieved their goal of a 10 point average and a spot on the podium the Outbreak of Bad Lieutenants are now looking towards training hard for 2010 and the first VFS World Championship.

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