Posted by matt on 24th July 2011

UK Head Down Record – 27 – 29 August

For the 3rd year running we attempt to make the largest UK head down record!!!!  With the Euro record fast on the heels of the UK record it’s all about size in 2011.

Not everyone will be involved in all the record jumps, so the Skywalkers will be on hand to organise a separate group to be used as a group to feed into all record attempts.

More info to come over the next few months as the planning evolves. If you want to make the event, then make sure you get to one of the warm up camps organised by the BLTs:

If you intend on coming to the UK record, then please register your interest on the Facebook event for the UK record.

Feel free to contact the guys at​ or the team Facebook page if you have any questions.

2011 is looking good, let’s super size it!

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