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20th April 2011

April update

Its April already and The Bad Lieutenants have been busy. We kicked off the season with a group flying event at Skydive Hibaldstow which saw some really cool head up/headdown sequential jumps with Frazer, Glenn, Gary, Southall, Aidy, milne, Tiziana, Weed and Dan. The weather was nice all day Saturday and by the time we made it the bar everyone was thirsty, especially Milne who’d spent most of the afternoon when not jumping looking for his detachable slider he lost somewhere over Lincolnshire. We had just enough time to get a couple more nice jumps in on the Sunday before the weather closed in and everyone headed home. The quality of the skydives has already gone through the roof this year and all those hours people have spent in the tunnel this winter is paying off.

Next came the Huck Jam, it was a little more of a quite affair than the last but it proved that bigger is not always better ;-) . We changed the format for this one a little and split the sessions in two half’s. The first half everyone was separated into smaller groups depending on their requirements and a Lieutenant organised the flying time. The second half took the American approach of turning the tunnel on full blast and everyone piling in and out as they pleased. Respect was shown to each other and everyone finished the session with a big smile on their face after lots of time flown with a mixed bag of experience levels. Expect this format to be repeated.

Onto the serious stuff. The team has just completed a weeks training at Airkix Manchester, there are new additions to the dive pool this year and its been a blast getting to grips with them and continuing to progress with the original elements. Thanks to the staff at the tunnel who are always great and thanks to Julien who was great when he was there;-)

Easter weekend (22-25 April) sees us organising the scrambles down at Skydive Hibaldstow, We’ll be there from Friday morning and registration for the scrambles closes that evening at 10pm. This is a fantastic opportunity to come down jump with some people you might not usually jump with, have some fun and maybe grab the glory. The competition takes place Saturday and Sunday and the other two days we will be available for coaching and organising. We hope you’ve all had a great start to the year and we’d love you to come to some of our events, check the calendar for details or get in touch with us at

The Bad Lieutenants.