Posted by matt on 5th January 2011


Greetings humans, aliens and flat flyers!!!! He he ;)

A massive Happy New Year from the BLT’s!

It’s been a while since we posted something, big slap on the wrists for the BLT’s on that one, our bad!

So what have we been up to since the last write up?

The Skydive Spain Xmas Boogie has just been and gone. Jim and James were out in Seville representing for the BLT’s along with Mikey C, Stephanie Soria and Andrew Lovemore who all helped cook up some major Xmas pie fun for those in attendance. The boogie ended with a brilliant double tube jump, participants all around, smiles everywhere!!!!

Thanks to everyone who came to Seville to jump, the Boogie was lots of fun, even if it meant jumping with the Finns and Norgies!!!  Just kidding, you guys rocked the skies! Shame you couldn’t drink as fast the BLT’s in the boat race!

Jim has also been busy with his Track Dayz camps in Seville, keep your eyes peeled for more of his wicked skydiving events over the winter months in the warm weather of Seville.

Dan and James have also been running 4-way VFS tunnel camps which have been a great success!!! Think Claudio, Will Blackie, Tiziana and Jay Southall might be kicking our asses soon! Nice work guys!

So what has 2011 got in store? Event dates are soon to be released, but there are Huck Jam’s a plenty, 2 scrambles, another UK head down record attempt, head down skills camps, a trip to Empuria for the 2011 Euro head down record attempts, UK nationals, 8-way FS vs FF speed skydiving and of course some monthly Hibaldstow organising!!!!!

Irrespective if you like the tunnel or the skies, 2011 is shaping up to be a massive year!!!! Bring it on.

Don’t forget the BPA AGM hosted at the Hilton in Coventry on Saturday 22 January 2011. It’s always a riot, so get involved and meet new and old friends alike.

Keep your eyes peeled for the soon to be releases dates!

Have a great 2011 everyone!

The BLT’s

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