Posted by matt on 28th September 2010

UK Record, Euro Sequentials & Few Parties…..

So what’s the latest news from all the BLT’s?

The last weekend of August provided us with a nice long bank holiday so there was only one thing to do, set a new UK head down record! In addition to the head down skills camp held earlier in the year, Jim Harris was on hand with Adam Mattacola’s help for the 3 days leading up to the record weekend to provide some warm up jumps, a last minute opportunity for people to show their stuff or just get some cool jumps in! The weekend was not kind weather wise, but Saturday allowed us to jump all day. We started with all the participants splitting into 3 groups for some warm up jumps before starting with the record attempts. After 3 attempts and a few adjustments we ended the day with a new 22-way head down record on the final jump! Perfect, it’s always good to get a new record set! Sunday was not kind weather wise, so the event was called with Monday’s weather looking even worse. It was a shame as having done only 3 attempts we were confident of going bigger. It was also a massive shame as people who had been waiting to be added didn’t get the chance to attempt a record and the record stood at the 22 set on the Saturday. A massive thanks to everyone for turning up, especially those who didn’t get to jump but were involved in the process. It always sucks waiting on the bench, looking at the decisions being made, but unfortunately its part of big ways. We really hope everyone learnt something, even if it was just experiencing the process of a big way!!!! Next year we go bigger and everyone will know what to expect! Special thanks to Performance Designs in the form of Dedric for turning up and supporting the event, very cool to have you there!

Record Holders:  Jason Southall, James Davies, Dumi Ndlouv, Martin Reynolds, Frazer Smith, Daniel Parker, Andy Newell, Mike Carpenter, Claudio Lettieri, Adam Mattacola, David Joyner, Chris Lynch, Glen Phillips, Alistair Milne, Mark Joyner, Kurmet Jaadla, Matt O’Riordan, David Pacey, Andy Ford, Charlotte Kemp, Catriona Adams & Jim Harris.

Cameras:  Olly Burgin & Axel Zohmann

The following weekend saw a free weekend, so a couple of the BLT’s headed out to Ibiza to show off their stella tans and rippled bodies. Well rested, Matt, Dan & James headed to Langar for Langar Boogie 2. Saturday saw some fantastic activity and a lot of freeflyers jumping. A full Beech 99 tracking load was managed along with some really fun head up jumps. The final Saturday night of the boogie lived up to the reputation and took a few victims. Fortunately Martin Reynolds was on hand in the morning before the bad weather dispersed people.

From Langar Boogie 2 it was on to the Euro Sequentials for the better looking BLT’s. Once again James remained in England. Mikey C and Fabian Raidel were once again on hand to organise the cream of Europe’s freeflyers. Two 10-way groups jumped consistently at Skydive Spain for 4 days, making some awesome jumps. Babylon, BLT’s Volare, Skywalkers, Axis 21, Frazer & Kurmet all pitched up to make the event a fantastic experience! Nice one Mr Lover Loverman for arranging it once again. Looks like freefly in Europe goes from strength to strength at all levels!

This weekend sees Matt and James coaching at Dunkeswell as part of the BPA road show. Remember, if you’re a BPA member, just pitch up, pay 2 jump tickets and you get free coaching from the boys. Not a bad deal, so come make the most of it! Hibaldstow’s Dornier is joining the Beech 99, so fast jump turn arounds will be the order of the day!

Other upcoming cool events include Huck Jams, tunnel camps and the 8-way FS vs FF at Hibaldstow on the 9-10th October. If you haven’t got a team together yet make one! It was an awesome event last year. Check the facebook page or for information on the rules!

Ok guys, hasta la pasta, until next time!

The Bad Lieutenants

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