Posted by matt on 17th June 2010

May News

Freefly scrambles, a trip to Voss in Norway, a UK Funshine Boogie, a BPA road show, a Spanish Funshine Boogie and some weekend team training meant May was a very busy month for the boys. It also signalled the start to the 2010 jumping season.

The month kicked off with the UK edition of the Funshine Boogie at Hibaldstow. The Funshine Boogies continue to go from strength to strength in both the UK and Spain. The basic concept of walking a fine line between a boogie and coaching is ever present. Coupled with an enthusiastic atmosphere Dan, Matt and James had a great time working the boogie at Skydive Hibaldstow. A massive thanks to everyone who made it to the boogie, we can’t wait forward to being involved in the next one!

The next weekend saw Matt and James heading out to Voss in Norway for the Nordic Meet Training event with Martin Kristensen (Voss Ventus) and Kristian Moxnes (Skywalkers). The boys made some fantastic tracking jumps in the mountains before living it up Voss style!!! It was great to jump and socialise with old friends in Norway. It’s a shame that there isn’t any more free time in the schedule to hit Norway up again. Voss is a fantastic playground with some great events throughout the summer season. If you haven’t heard of the Skywalkers Boogie, Extremeveko or the Freefly Festival at Skydive Voss, get online and check them out, they’re well worth hitting up.

Following on from the Voss trip, the BLT’s met up for a weekend of team training with Jim Harris flying in from Skydive Spain. After the volcanic disruption to the first week’s training camp, it was good for the boys to get some jumps in. Hibaldstow once again looked after the team with their fast Dornier lifts, affording 10 training jumps on each day.

Next up was the 2nd Freefly Scrambles at Hibaldstow. 14 people entered the FF1 category, 11 the FF2. The event gives people an opportunity to meet and jump with new people, whilst also experiencing a fun and social competition. After the dust settled, Karen Bain took the bragging rights in the FF1 event, followed by Dave Thompson and Lizzie Compton. In the FF2 category, Dan Parker finished in the top spot when it looked like Matthew O’Riordan was set to take the title. After a mentally challenging final round, Frazer Smith took the second spot, James Davies the third with Matt dropping to fourth. The Saturday night saw the competitors make full use of the free BBQ and Hibaldstow bar. All those who attended agreed they learnt a lot from jumping with different people and watching the other’s jumps.

May was finished off with Jim and James organising and coaching at the Funshine Boogie in Seville. If you haven’t heard of the event, check out or just search the name in YouTube. This event goes from strength to strength and is always over subscribed. The latest Spanish edition saw a great line up of organisers for an ever enthusiastic group of freeflyers. The event was a great success with all participants getting their 6 jumps per day and more! The jumps spanned head up, head down, tracking, tube jumps, space ball jumps and big ways. Congratulations to Mark Owen for once again providing some massive Funshine pie for all those involved to enjoy! The BLT’s salute you! J

Phew…… and that was May!

June sees the boys get together at Skydive Spain for a week of jumping with Satori, Sonic Nutz and Volare. Hopefully the weather will be kind and all the teams will be able to get their training in as they head towards the 2010 World Meet in Russia!

Keep you eyes peeled for the UK Head Down Record training weekend on 3rd-4th July at Hib and the BLT Huck Jam on the 2nd July.

July also sees a further week of training out at Skydive Spain from the 10th-18th July. If you have nothing to do during this time, get on down to Seville, the plane will be flying and the sun will be out.

Until then keep charging hard!

The Bad Lieutenants

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