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27th April 2010

April news

What’s the difference between the erupting volcano in Iceland and Cheryl Cole? The volcano is still ………….

That’s right, the pesky volcano affected our first sky camp last week, preventing us visiting Eloy in Arizona for a first sky camp of the year. Along with many others, our travel plans were thrown into complete chaos, so there was no Eloy action for the BLT’s!

However, a little bit of rescheduling lead to a pretty intense training week none the less.

The BLT’s travelled down to London hoping the flights to the USA would take off, before heading straight back to Manchester for a day of tunnel at the Manchester Airkix after discovering the flights were cancelled! We then headed to Skydive Hibaldstow for 2 days of jumping. Thanks guys for operating, those days were really enjoyable and much needed! The ash radar then indicated it was time to head back to Manchester for 4 more days of tunnel before the skies were deemed safe to fly in once again and we could hit Skydive Hibaldstow up once again! Continue Reading